Batch Cropping Scanned Images.

Started by Blaze1, December 03, 2022, 10:57:15 AM

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I'm trying to find a way of cropping platen scanned images to 8.5 x 11 letter size.  The issue is, I'm wondering if there's a batch method available to do this, as there're several hundred images to crop.  They all require the same amount of cropping and from the same place?



You might be able to record an action for this in Photoshop, if I understand your question correctly. Start recording, crop one of the photos the way you want, then end the recording. Then you can use the Image Processor and tell it to use an action on the batch. Hope this works.
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Thanks Possum.  I'll look into that. :thumbsup:


If cropping doesn't work in an action, you can use Canvas Size to accomplish the same thing. If you the crop you need isn't either centered or based off one of the edges staying in place then you may have to break up the Canvas Size into multiple steps to get you what you need. But, you can record each one in the action so it happens very fast when automated.
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What Possum said does work... I did this once, for several hundred images... they were autopsy photos for the police department of a gangbanger shot multiple times, and very graphic. I was thankful for the automation, as I didn't have to look at most of the images.
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