One computer controlling 2 Konicas

Started by pspdfppdfxhd, March 11, 2024, 09:38:22 AM

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Quote from: scottrsimons on March 14, 2024, 05:53:03 AM
Quote from: pspdfppdfxhd on March 13, 2024, 03:46:17 PMSoooo... i took a shot in the dark and contacted Xitron, the maker of our Harlequin CTP rip to see if the rip could rip up the jobs and and dump them into the Konicas somehow and they tell me it can be done. NOTE: I contacted their SALES department so all may be suspect. I will call them tomorrow. The harlequin rip is having no ripping issues with newer pdfs at this point. It is pretty up to date.
Here's a support article from Xitron's support forum. You could find other helpful articles there too.

Navigator DFE Supported Devices

That seems to only be referencing inkjet devices and CTP systems. Konica Minolta makes print heads for many inkjet devices out there that are sold by other brands. I'd be very interested to know if this works out. However, I sold KM production gear for 5 years and never heard of anyone doing this method. I guess I'm wondering why you're trying to complicate things...? You can simply print to the C6500 from Acrobat through a regular print driver. No need to get extra software in the mix. Otherwise, you can just buy a used Fiery for your C6500 on ebay like this one. Just make sure you have the interface kit to connect it.


Xitron seems to be helpful, at least they were several years ago when we had a Harlequin RIP so old it was running on a Mac G3. We wanted to update the software and the owner wouldn't spring for a whole new version but we needed the password from the old version. Xitron finally went to the engineering department to dig out something. At any rate, they got us updated.
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They have always been very good to us as well. After dealing with Agfa Apogee X for about 7 years, it's been a lot better with Xitron. At least for a small shop with basic needs, anyway.


Love the guys at Xitron! I worked with them 20 years ago, when Dan was an install tech and now he is the bossman. Excellent company and software, in my experience.
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Yes, loved dealing with Dan, he did many remote installations and tech support over the years.

If we hadn't purchased the "blue box" from Xitron we wouldn't have gotten many extra years in running our older Screen CTP unit.


The first version of Xitron Navigator with the built in imposition didn't have multi-web imposition, so I was using .jdf out of Preps. I shared thousands of web press imposition templates in exchange for a deal on an upgrade, once my multi-web templates were implemented. Was super awesome after that! 
"... profile says he's a seven-foot tall ex-basketball pro, Hindu guru drag queen alien." ~Jet Black