Can anyone recommend a good imposition for single sided print from pdf artwork?

Started by philg1975, January 03, 2019, 10:05:20 AM

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Quote from: philg1975 on January 07, 2019, 05:34:36 AMHi Tracy,

What your basically describing is what we basically do within Illustrator to create the files we use for the printable pdfs, what i am worried about with using Indesign is the file sizes that maybe huge if we have around 100 different 3up artworks to create, would take a long time to open and save etc.

With using Quite Impose, it just takes out having to use Indesign, we can just use the acrobat plug-in with the customer pdfs and create the artwork in a quicker time so no overtime for me but a happy boss lol.

It seems i have just about got my head around what i am trying to do now, figured out the background problem i had, i have worked out how to set my file up to match my layout that was created within Illustrator so things are looking better.

All i now need to do is figure out if i can copy a code from the artwork and get it placed within the space i am wanting a code tag to go so we can use this for organising the job when sending to the customer.

The customer service at Quite is very impressive compared to other software companies, their software engineer / support engineer goes out his way to help and make sure you understand how to do things with their software by sending videos etc to help.

Many thanks for all your help guys, fingers crossed I have found the solution to my problem.

For carton imposition, we used a full die layout exported from our CAD dept, using Cimex to export an .ai file. We then created templates with marks and colour bar placements that could be re-mapped for correct colour usage. Low res placers we're positioned in each position. Took some time to set up each die template, but as we did more and more they could be fully set up in 15 min or less. For an actual production file, there were two options:
1. Re-link the low-res placers with low-res files exported from Nexus, re-map colour bars and RIP to 1 bits for proofs or plates.
2. Re-link low res placers with press-ready PDFs, re-map colour bars and export a press-ready layout PDF from Illy that could be dropped into Nexus for 1 bit tiff output.

If you are familiar with Illy, as most carton files use it, Illy templares are easy to create and use, especially if you are forced to use older RIPs like Nexus.
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