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I use to burn disks on the old G5 Mac worked great for years
I have not had good experiences burning disks with an external hard drive
I have gone through enough externals, I now have the Apple external reader,
I think it's a burner too but not going to use it.

so anyway while I was out the G5 died and I'm wanting to get another one since
it was so reliable in burning disks, can anyone help me find a G5 for a good rate?

I found this but there isn't any info, if there is a burner etc.....
Thanks for any help, not very good at this stuff

If you are willing to try again, I have had 100% success with LG superdrive... like this or similar... cheap too.!4223!3!198550876548!!!g!300400652550!

really? I go through those just using it for reading and cataloging
well the last one went out when I was out on disability.
do you burn disks with 4 GB of data at one time?

I got this one before the Apple reader and I broke it too!
well the guy covering for me did and I was only using it for a reader
as when I would burn dvds I would get an error message

I would rather not get the G5 and get a burner but I'm jinxed I tell you!

Me thinks I don't put the same mileage on mine as you do yours, if you've had issues, don't let me talk you out of your plan?


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