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signa to shooter ''workflow''


Hi all,

In the printshop i worked a couple of years ago, i used to send the imposed pdf to metadimention from cockpit, then send meta send it to shooter, gave it a last check and send it to our ctp.

Now, there's a small shop who bought a ctp, signa/meta and shooter as ''standalone'' apps, and i'm trying to configure them.

Till now i've managed to send a test job from meta to shooter, creating a ''new'' job, then browsing for the imposed pdf, and then sending it to shooter.

I'd like some help on how to print/export straight from signa to meta and then meta sending a paused tiffb to shooter.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry. No help from me. I haven't touched Signa since 2004/2005. I'm sure it's improved a lot.

No problem,

Everything apart from wages and job opportunities has improved since 2005.


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