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Preps 5.3, preps 6.0 and preps 8.0 on same user


Is this possible?

I'm trying to move on some of new preps versions, but I wont delete old preps. When I install new version on run it crashes wtf?

Help please...  :gom:

Mac or Windows? On a Mac Preps 5.3 will only run on Snow Leopard or below and you can't run Preps 8 for sure on that machine. Probably not Preps 6 either?

On Windows you would need to check the OS requirements for each version. I have to think that Preps 5.3 won't run on Windows 10 but you would need to check the system requirements to be sure.

Sorry, it's windows platform. Preps 5.3 is working but newer versions no ( 6 or 8 ) . I tried "troubleshoot compatibility" but no luck...

Which Windows are you using? XP? 7? 8? 10?


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