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Flash is dead, dead I tell you.

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There's a Flash killer available.


--- Quote ---...and when you're done, you can celebrate by safely playing an emulated Flash game hosted at the always-wonderful Internet Archive.
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Just think of all the software that is actually still using Flash. So the people will be hanging onto Windows 8 & 7 forever! Just to run that one piece of software. Who cares about security. I can think of one for sure...USPS verification software that our Mailing department uses everyday. Hum, I wonder what we will be doing....

Eventually those computers will die. Many of our bindery and press equipment are using old hardware running old software but not necessarily flash. For example a bindery line had a hard drive that will no longer boot but I can access the drive that has Windows XP and my latest nightmare was getting a new IDE hard drive for it installing XP. Tip: Windows XP servers are no longer running so you can't activate it either online or via a phone call to Microsoft. I did find a registry hack around that but now I'm trying to copy the old software from the old hard drive to the new hard drive and make it run because we have no installer disks for that software. Still fighting that battle daily.

Joe, your horror story made me shudder in FEAR!!!  :shoots_self:
I will pray for you.
I think I still have some IDE drives laying around I could send you. Although I would need to clean them off first. Probably some as large as 20GB (maybe).


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