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My vintage 2013 iMac just crapped out. The IT department seems intent on replacing it with a brand new iMac with Big Sur installed. I explained that this could cause a host of compatibility issues, but they don't seem to think it will be much of a problem. I disagree, but I may have no choice. I know we will have to update Prinergy to version 9.
What other compatibility issues can I expect? Will I be able to run Creative Cloud apps older than 2021? We still use Indesign 2019 often because the Smartstream Designer plug-in for Indesign 2021 has issues. Currently running EFI Metrix version 2019.2 for imposition. I'm guessing I will need to upgrade Pitstop also. Looks like I'm in for an enjoyable couple of weeks. :sarcasm:

Prinergy 9.0.0 supports Big Sur but...VPS+ in Big Sur does not display fronts/backs correctly. Preps 9.0.0 is not compatible with Big Sur.

Prinergy 9.0.1 supports Big Sur and VPS+ does display fronts/backs correctly. It is less quality and speed than VPS classic but does work ok'ish. Preps 9.0.1 is not compatible with Big Sur.

Preps 9.0.2 with Big Sur compatibility is due in "early July". Not sure if there will be a Prinergy 9.0.2 that will have to be installed to get Preps 9.0.2 or if you can just install standalone Preps 9.0.2 over 9.0.1 to get compatible with Big Sur.

Not sure if an older version of Indesign or Metrix will works. I am running Pitstop Pro 21 so can't say if any older version won't run on Big Sur but I would not be surprised if it won't.

If the new iMac comes with Big Sur installed possible you could wipe it and install Catalina but the above notes apply to Catalina as well for VPS+.

Thanks for the info Joe. Still waiting to hear from IT. They took my old Mac to the ER yesterday, I haven't heard boo since. Stuck using the night shift Mac for now. I miss the days when they let me take care of these things myself. IT is telling me that they may not allow me to Migrate from my Time Machine back-up. They tell me it has caused too many problems. This really pisses me off because the only computer problems I have had the last several years have been hardware related.

What exactly is your 2013 iMac doing? Or not doing? I service ours here.

I have found IT departments to be completely useless when it comes to Macs.

An almost constant spinning beachball, barely usable. I wiped the hard drive and did a clean install of Mojave. I migrated a Time Machine back-up I had from March. It worked fine for one day, then crapped out again. The tech believes it's a hardware issue and is running diagnostics on it. I usually try to resolve the issue myself before involving IT. I can usually fix a software issue myself. The tech that usually helps prepress is easy to deal with. His boss, the head of the IT department seems to have an attitude towards Macs.


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