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Oklahoma Folding Carton (OFC) is the only locally owned folding carton plant in Oklahoma, competing with the big boys but prefer to fill the void left for smaller orders and a more personalized experience. We are in need of an experienced Prepress person, with a vision to the future, to replace the retiring Prepress Grandpa. This is not a training position. You will be responsible for file preparation to plate and print on a Komori L640 6 color press. Working knowledge of offset printing and Adobe Illustrator and the Creative applications are a must. Knowledge of Harlequin/Navigator RIP is not required but helpful. Must be able to manage your time. Employing approx 20-25 people, mostly in the production plant, the office staff is small and the Prepress position is a one-person job. 40 hour work week. OFC offers a competitive wage, vacation and group insurance. Only qualified applicants please. Our website has not been updated in a couple of years so don't judge our company based on the website (I haven't had the time to update the site - something else that I do!).
Send applications and or questions to:


--- Quote from: rickself on September 21, 2021, 11:47:05 AM ---...the Prepress position is a one-person job...vacation

--- End quote ---
These 2 aspects do not often go together.

Yeah, I struggled with that one.
But hey, I've been here 10 years. I have 4 weeks of vaca a year!

Interviewing my possible replacement in 35 minutes....

I have zero desire to ever in my life visit, let alone ever live in, Oklahoma. But I do like the position. Can I work remotely from CA?


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