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Is there a cache file of some sort for Dynastrip?

Had a HELL of a day today re-creating (imposing) four 48p books which went WRONG when I used the first book as a "source" and did "save as" to create the other 3 books.
Learnt a hard lesson (so did my supervisor) :huh: about creating ONE book correctly, exporting it and then IMPORTING it to make the remaining books. ANY freakin program defies my sense of computer/pre-press logic deserves to die! :death:

Ah, fooz. I still bear the scars from Dyna learning. Dyna and I have agreed to an indefinite Mexican stand-off. No sneaky unannounced moves, and nobody gets hurt.

But, not quite sure what you mean/did. In theory, there should not be a problem doing a Save As; and kicking off on a new job.
The main thing is to rename it, obviously, when you open it; and then go to Source Docs, and Delete/remove All. Then just bring in your new Source PDF pages.

The other way is to, once you have completed the 1st job, save each different type of Sheet/Impo as a Template. This is done by going back to the Sheet button, once you have the fully made up Impo/regos/bars etc....and Saving it as a Template by clicking on the Save As Template button. Or Save to Library...can't remember.

It's a bit of a strange interface, to say the least, but once you're used to it, you can fly in it. Er, assuming it "accepts" your PDF pages; my latest drama with CS4 stuff. Another story...

Stroll back though earlier posts here in Dynagram. Ignore the pathetic pleas and cries for help. There is some actual information there.

Post if there's more specific stuff...clarify; whatever. From work tomorrow, (Aussie time), I can put some screenshots up if you need 'em.

OK, mate. The time diffs for U.S./Aus are crap, but we may be able to get a slot on a weekend that suits both of us. I'll most likely be at home, but that shouldn't matter. Could also do as a one-off; I could come up to work for an hour, (not far away), and I could do a Sat AM, while you stay back at work for an hour. Both of us would have access to Dyna; could get a lot out of the way in a short time. Use Chat as "live" feed. I can tell you're no slouch; you're younger/quicker than me...main thing is that I get you around the "weird" stuff in Dyna. I.e., so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.
The other possibility is you could ask boss to subscribe you to TBH, the full sub is MUCH more cost effective, but the sub to Dyna tutes, would, on paper, be cheaper. The full Library sub, per year, is around $300. Have a look on their site. They are a great organisation. Real down-homey/Indiana type people to deal with.

here's a few screenshots as a kick-off. You may already know this stuff, but it doesn't hurt. We'll just kick it on in this thread. Nobody comes in here, anyway, LOL...   :laugh:

First shot below is the key...Select Object, then the Object Mode you want. Once selected, you get all the drop-downs you need for that Mode. You'll be slipping in and out of the different modes, second nature, in no time.

Second shot: In Signature Mode. I've "labelled" each tool. You'll get to know them pretty quickly.
When you click on each tool, you'll either get a dialogue box for that tool, or the ability to say, Rotate...(90˚ at a time).

See main dialogue for setting rows/columns/gutters. Rows are ALWAYS in line with the heads/feet, no matter which way they are orientated.. Columns are always "down the sides" (of the pages).

As you can see, the second shot is in Definition Tool; i.e.button is depressed, and dialogue box present.

I'm off to do friday arvo things now. Shall be in touch.


This is a dip-in/work in at home now, wife watching'd understand that.   :laugh:

Some "thoughts"/things I do:

-I create a "Dyna" folder. In it resides the main Dyna Icon for opening/re-opening the job; plus all ancilliary files. Dyna creates about 20 of the things, but they are to be ignored/left in that folder. You don't have to do anything with them. I used to be puzzled by them; now I don't even think about them.
-when it's time to print out your Sigs, it'll prompt you to navigate to....I create a "RIP Files" folder, within your job folder.

-keep these 2 folders as separate entities for the job.

-when the time comes, and you've created your masterpiece Sig, with everything on it you want, you can save a Template for repeated use. This is done from the "Sheet" Mode area. Right at the bottom there's a little arrow pointing to a yellow "page" (I guess).
You click on that, then you click anywhere on the sheet.Sig on your "digital Light table", (fancifully called!). Only then will it throw up a navigation finder...I navigate to a Templates folder which I keep in a Dyna folder on my Desktop. Name it so you can recognise it for use later. e.g. '4upA4_6DC.DSH...summin like that. You can organise them how you want...Saddle Stitch/perfect/Flat etc...then by type/size etc.

These Templates have the extension .DSH. When you open a new job, and you want to reuse a Template...from the Sheet Mode tool list, near the bottom, there is a little arrow, again, but pointing to a red "page". This means you are getting a Template for use, not saving one; the opposite. You can import one, 2 however many you want; you'll be given a dialogue box to specify...

These are a bit random for now...but will gel as we fill in the gaps... :grin:

Cheers, and later.

Frailer - I'm pretty sure all our "operating procedures" for Dynastrip were written/taught by the same people. I think we do 90% exactly the same things as you do, and the other 10% I can figure out anyway.  :grin:
I'm actually really interested in the things I do here MANUALLY, that I can have dynastrip do for me, which mostly will relate to making larger books.
If you just walk me through your "procedure" to set up a book, I'm sure I can raise/pick up the important parts from there.

So, starting "from scratch":
If you needed to make a 40 page book, self cover, saddle stitch, with a high page "LIP" for the bindery. (Pages @ 8.5x11in and the paper is 25x38in)
I'd set it up as 2 sheetwise forms and a work & turn for the 8 pager.
How would you actually "DO" the layout in Dynastrip? No need to be overly detailed on the first post, I'll probably ask questions about anything I don't fully understand.

FYI - I'm developing my own "Dyna-isms" now, as some of the crap I had go wrong last month called for me to spend a little bit more time on Impositions, i now take extra steps to make it more obvious when Dynastrip has a "brain-fart". Supervisor actually prefers the way I do a lot of these things, which I'm happy about! :wink:


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