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Sending Dynastrip files to CTP-error


Okay, please bear with me, I have just enough training to be dangerous.
We've recently went to direct to plate, which is great, and we are using Dynagram 6 (I believe it's 6) to imposition our pages. Everything is working great. We have our templates set up for our 11 x 17 size newspapers, and they're fine.
However, we've created templates for our Broadsheet size newspapers,
which will imposition and go to film alright, but when we try to send those same pages direct to plate,
we're getting an error on the CTP end that says the "Image area is too large.." :banghead:
And errors out. The CTP people assure us this is something wrong with the setup.
If anyone has any ideas, I sure would appreciate it  :smiley:

Just a guess but it sounds as if something might be getting rotated on the way to plate, making the dimensions too large for the plate you are using.

I've had that happen before, but it's been a while.  Do you use plate setups ??  The dimensions entered i your setups may be reversed or incorrect , which can be easily overlooked...I know that sounds juvenille, but it happens...

On some platesetters, your file size has to be smaller than the plate size by the amount of space the plate clamps take up, in some cases it can be almost 1/2 inch.
Sometimes you just need to make your file size just a couple of mm smaller than the plate to get it to work.

I reckon all suggestions above are a possibility. 90ยบ rotate would be top of the list. Oversize by the dimensions of a bee's dick is another. Our plate size is 730mm wide, but 725 is the max it will "see". So everything we send is 724mm maximum, in terms of Media Box width.
My pet complaint. Error messages that don't actully tell you the exact nature of the problem. Even if they listed the 6 possible reasons, you could work through them.   :rolleyes:

--- Quote ---Okay, please bear with me, I have just enough training to be dangerous.
--- End quote ---

Oh, BTW. That prolly sums a few of us up here, too. No names...beyond mine, that is.    :laugh:


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