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Prinergy: Preps integration overview - FYI


How Preps integration works

When you start Preps through Workshop, either using Create New Imposition or from Tools > Start Imposition Application, Workshop copies the contents of the PrepsPrinergy.cfg.template file from the server to a new copy of the PrepsPrinergy.cfg file inside the Profiles/PrepsPrinergy folder of the client's installation of Preps. Then Preps starts, using the configuration settings found in the copied PrepsPrinergy.cfg profile. If any configuration settings are not specified in the PrepsPrinergy.cfg profile, Preps takes them from the client's copy of Default.cfg.

The PrepsPrinergy.cfg.template file ensures that all users who start Preps through Workshop have the same settings in their Preps work environment. The file is located on the Prinergy server at \AraxiPreps\Profiles\
PrepsPrinergy\ or <SystemDrive>://Prinergy/CreoAraxi/AraxiPreps/Profiles/PrepsPrinergy/.

You can edit the PrepsPrinergy.cfg.template file to modify properties, except for:

Templates, marks, printers and PPD paths, which are hardcoded to point to the Prinergy server location.
Do not add the following lines, because these are automatically determined by Workshop to force Preps to use Prinergy server marks, templates, and printers:
Default bleed settings—see the relevant troubleshooting item.
The client's PrepsPrinergy.cfg file is overwritten every time Preps is started through Workshop.

Location of client Preps configuration files

If the default Workshop version of Preps is used, the client's PrepsPrinergy.cfg file is stored at the following location:

Program Files\Kodak\Prinergy\AraxiPreps\Profiles\
If Prinergy is configured to use a different version of Preps, the file is found in the Preps\Profiles folder.

About duplicate Preps profiles on the Prinergy server

If you see duplicate Preps profiles on the Prinergy server, ignore them. When you install Workshop on the Prinergy server with the Preps options, a Profiles folder is created at C:\Program Files\Kodak\Prinergy\AraxiPreps\. These profiles are used when Preps is started on the server independently of Workshop. These profiles do not affect client computers that are connected to the Prinergy server, and are not used when users start Preps on their own workstations.

Preps integration information for customers

For more information about Preps integration, in Workshop, click the Help menu and select Workshop User Guide > Integrated Products > Preps. See the following topics:

About Preps integration options for Prinergy
Setting Integrated Preps preferences

thanks Joe, good info to have.
I assume this is true for whatever version of Preps you have running?

Should apply to Preps 5, 6 and 7 I believe.

If I can add some info about this...
Well if you edit the profile in the workstation it will not work.
I tried on several machines and every time it comes back to prinergy server default.
So i edit manually on the Prinergy Server, tha it worked, now the workstations open wih the same defaults, and the ones that we need.


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