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New thread added. started by Farabomb. Starts below this post...

If anyone is awake I have a hateful file that keeps failing in trapping. I'm trying to isolate the issue but it's not playing nice. It isn't a complex design so I really don't know why it's failing. I've ran it through distiller, resaved one of the links (can't do the other as it's a newer version of illy) reoutput the PDF, it just doesn't like me. Looking at the design I can't run it without trapping but it does go through with trapping off.

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The problem with both files is Roboto font which is a Google web font. Kodak actually has a bulletin out on it because it is not suitable for printing. The fix is to get the font and outline Roboto.

Here is the .eps saved as an Illy 8 file and the PDF with Roboto outlined.

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Just to add to this issue...Web fonts and freeware fonts are becoming major problems in the print world. We have added this disclaimer to our Insite front page. The first paragraph is straight from Kodak support:

--- Quote ---WHAT ABOUT FONTS? Freeware and/or web fonts can be used for titling and small runs of text. These fonts have been designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. However, these fonts have rendering issues when used for print production work at high resolutions, as they were designed for use on the web or for lower quality output devices.

The use of these fonts is not recommended for print production. If they are used you may incur additional labor costs for us to deal with any problems we might find. If there are any issues through the production of your job caused by the use of these fonts, we the Printing Company, will not be responsible for the final printing of your job where the text from these fonts may appear. These issues include missing text, reflowed text and any other text anomalies deemed to be caused by the use of freeware and/or web fonts.
--- End quote ---


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