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Needed: Prepress worker in Reno, Nevada IMMEDIATELY

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I am aware of a position available ASAP, if not sooner, in Reno, Nevada. Contact me via PM ASAP with your contact information, and I will have the interested party contact you directly.

Hmmmm, somebody impotent must have quit.

Reminds me of the joke:

Hey, why did you start smoking cigarettes?

Well, i read on the pack that smoking could make me impotent so I gave it a go. I always wanted to be somebody. (But I ended up doing prepress).

I figured shootout at the press check.

Can't be a shootout, if it was that's all we would hear about for a month straight. Violence involving guns, instant headline. People getting blown up by mysterious packages, nothing.

One less prepress person in the world? Guns or not, I doubt that would be news.


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