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Okay, I am trying to look busy today and screwing around with this and that and came across something strange. (not too worried about not being busy, a load of work is coming next week).

Anyways, I had an .eps file on the server and was on the PC and accidentally right clicked and there was an option to convert to pdf. It worked. Soooo, I made up my own .eps file on the Mac with type of all different kinds of fonts and saved as an .eps.... then went back to the PC and did the same thing. It worked, the fonts were all ok as "embedded subsets".

Now I am trying to figure out how useful this would be in actual daily work but I must say, I was very surprised that this could be done.

Oh, and I am not jumping back and forth from PC to Mac, I setup the PC on remote desktop.

One interesting thing about this process is that it converted the black text to RGB...

Maybe Acrobats color mgmt. settings have to be changed.

Yes, had to adjust the color settings for converting to pdf as "leave color unchanged" and compression settings etc.

Yes you can just open an EPS, or jpeg, tiff, png...etc, in Acrobat and save as PDF on the Mac or PC. I don't think the Mac has the right click option but it is Acrobat doing the conversion either way.


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