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I need a quick RGB to spot color converter

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Newbie here, out of my element. I'm a programmer by trade but need to investigate color conversion for an internal client. :rolleyes2:

I have a file in RGB (I can have it in multiple formats, but more on that later) and I need to convert it to a spot color that has been pre-loaded into a Fiery.

Currently I have a multi-page pdf, which is essentially a black and white vector image. All I need is to convert the Black stokes to a spot color.

I can control the input file types if necessary. I prefer to begin and end with a pdf file, but I can create tiff, jpg, svg, etc. and need a print-ready file with an embedded color profile.

I know how to take a single grayscale tiff and assign a spot color, but I need to process thousands at a time. We've tried Pitstop, but it's seriously slow. What do you all know and use or recommend?

It shouldn't be slow using Pitstop if you are doing it correctly if it is a PDF with a vector image. With Pitstop you should be able to remap it to a spot color faster than any other method I can think of.

Yep should definitely not be slow in PitStop.
How are you trying to do it?

Do you have thousands of files or thousands of images?
Maybe you need the Server version instead of the Plugin.

A couple months ago we attempted to run a 2,000+ page document. We isolated the color that need converted and processed it to spot. We let it run overnight, and in the morning it was still processing so I don't know how long it would have taken.

Yesterday we ran a 160 page PDF and it took 40 minutes to process. (on a PC not a server).

The vector is not optimized and has many stokes, hopefully you can see in the attached image. It may be the cause of the slow processing.

We will have Multiple documents with thousands of pages per document. If the process runs faster we can look into running thousands of images (rather than pages)

How are you changing the color in pitstop?
in the global changes you can select remap colors
It shouldn't take too long, I would try under pages select 1-500 and see what that does
or 1- 100
can you post a screen shot how you are doing it?


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