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We have a Heidelberg Versifire (Ricoh CP9100), driven by the Heidelberg front end, Cockpit/Prinect.

When the machine was set up the tech setup the cockpit app on my iMac so I could watch without having to stand at the machine.

Shortly after install Cockpit on my iMac stopped being able to connect. Doesn't matter what user/password combination I use it just says "login not permitted"

I called Heidelberg and they want to charge and absurd amount to troubleshoot this since it's related to my iMac and not the actual printer.

Any help is much appreciated.

Well I don't know anything about "Heidelberg Versifire (Ricoh CP9100), driven by the Heidelberg front end, Cockpit/Prinect" but the message doesn't look like what you would see for a wrong username and/or password. A message like this is what you see if your computer is being blocked by the software you are trying to login to. For example if your username/password combo is wrong after so many failed attempts the server you are trying to log in to will block your IP. If you are lucky it only blocks that IP for a time period. Unlucky and it blocks it forever. Easiest thing to try is the change the IP address on your iMac and try again (it could be blocking by Mac address too so this wouldn't work if that is the case.) The other thing if you have access to the server is to try to find out on it if it is blocking attempts to login. Check the event log if this is a Windows server.

sounds like a permission thing. Are you logged in as the same user that the app was installed for?

Yes. Only one login on the iMac and that where the Cockpit software was originally installed.

I can connect to the server's shared drives/hot folders with no problem.

Everything I can see on the front end looks correct and I can log in from the front end. I would not doubt the IP blocking or some permissions setting is incorrect, just dunno where in the Cockpit frontend that would be and since Heidelberg want to charge us to fix their software I'm hoping someone else is more familiar with it.

Did you try rebooting your mac first?
Sometimes when you have multiple users logged in, it can lock the cockpit.
Are you using AD authentication?
If not, you have to mount all Prinect folders first before launching cokpit.


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