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Looking for pre press freelancer
I am looking for a freelance pre-press person to work in our Creative Services department.

We do our own certified proofing using CMA.
We also run Prinergy/Preps/Insite and on occasion run our own blue lines.
We have an Indigo 7600, running 1 shift currently with a very experienced pressman that has been working on Indigos for over 10 years and has finished all available HP training.
Print items we produce include POP, Packaging, Billboards, Print ads, Annual Reports, Books... Just about anything you can think of using all types of print methods. Large format, offset, flexo, etc.

Need someone that is experienced in pre-press that is very proficient in the situations above. Prepping files for print, troubleshooting etc. Must be very organized and detail oriented.
Would be beneficial if the person has some scheduling knowledge as well.

Will start as a freelance position but can develop into a full time gig. Company has great benefits. Medical/Dental/Vision, 401K, 3 weeks a year vacation, 2 weeks a year sick and 3 personal days. A lot of other great perks as well.

We are located in West Los Angeles. Send any resumés or responses to (yes, it is wonderful)

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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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Sounds great but the 1,900 mile commute would kill me. Good luck finding someone though.
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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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Oh yea. That would be a challenge.

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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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Tracy's a lot closer. Her football team may be moving to LA anyway. ;)
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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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Had me at 3 weeks vacation :laugh:
Sounds like a wonderful company!
3 hour commute for me tho :(

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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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12 hour commute here, but otherwise I'd be interested.

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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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Dallas to West LA...  would take me just a couple minutes...

downhill with the wind.

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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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Do you have a private jet to shuttle me from Toronto and back?

If not, I will have to say I am not interested in the position.


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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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I couldn't deal with the commute or the protesters. Sounds like a great gig though.
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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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Thanks for all the responses everyone. Will let everyone know when the opportunity closes. In the meantime, still looking...

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Re: Looking for pre press freelancer
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Good luck, this was a good place to post, I am surprised you didn't get a hit here, I'm sure we have some LA folks :shrug:

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