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Re: Wide format Proofer Replacement

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I wish we could go that route as well. Although we'd still need to make blue-line mockups for some jobs that have multiple parts as we have press and bindery where I work. 

Re: Wide format Proofer Replacement

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We have presses and bindery also. Still have no printers. ;D
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Re: Wide format Proofer Replacement

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Bindery will look at the dummies I create. They measure everything out and approve it. Then after printing they tell me it's wrong and somehow I forged their signature.

I use photopaper on a roll and glue them together. Some customers want dummies on the stock as well.
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Re: Wide format Proofer Replacement

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At my old shop we used an older Epson proofer and ran cut sheets through it, then manually flipped the paper and ran through again to print the other side. We were using ORIS Color Tuner at the time and set up the queue to be 360 dpi so it ran printed very fast and without too much ink for the paper (we just ran regular offset uncoated paper). It was not color accurate - just for color break, content and layout purposes.

Our backup registration were almost dead-on. To ensure this high level of accuracy, we had our paper squared up by the bindery rather than just taking it as it came. Then we glued an old stripping pin (or you can use a flat Lego like I did at my next shop) onto the printer to act as a physical stop so that you always knew you were loading the paper in the same spot - much better than eyeballing it against a line. Whenever we'd get into a new box of paper, we might have to make a slight adjustment to ORIS for the media size, but getting that was easy - load a sheet of the new paper and print a form on both sides. Put it on a light table and measure the distance between a crop mark on the front and the corresponding one on the back. Divide that value by 2 and adjust the media size by that final value (larger or smaller - might require trial and error to know which direction you need to go).

These days we don't really do full size mockups. We run reduced color lasers to show backups.
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Re: Wide format Proofer Replacement

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We picked up an HP Designjet T930 which is a nice, fast 36" printer that allows for sheet feeding so that we can make a double-sided pring. However, the curl of the paper from the roll tends to make it get caught when feeding printing the second side and gets to the stacker. Anyone have any experience in getting a double-side to go through and drop to the basket instead of the stacker? Am I missing something? I've set it to basket in the printer settings but it seems to just ignore it.