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Re: DCS2 file using vector workflow

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If memory serves me correctly, we never could get a dcs2 file to work properly on the vector side of Nexus. They would either convert to process or utterly fail in the workflow. We used a third party program called DCS Merger and ran the dcs2 thru it first. After re-linking the resulting file we could then drop the file using the dcs2 into any vector workflow and it would separate properly. We haven't had to do this for several years now as we use psd files now, which work perfectly in Nexus (we're using v 9.5.8). I'm not sure if DCS Merger is still available as I would think that psd files have killed off the need for it. Our version was a "classic" app that operated in OS9, but I'm sure that at some point the German software company that originated the program came out with an OSX version.
Sweet FA right now.