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Started by David, September 11, 2007, 11:37:56 AM

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I heard something from the Graph Expo,
there's shirts out there that have the Esko/Artwork System/Enfocus logos on em!

I didn't realize (which means I didn't know at all, or really care) that Enfocus was a subsidiary of Artwork Systems.

what does this mean to you?
think it will have any impact on any of the afore mentioned products?
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or maybe not

if i thought i was being honest i'd say i think i'm not sure
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They were only bought out quite recently, maybe in the last couple of months.
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Yeah esko bought AWS for about 200 million.  This happened maybe 4 weeks ago.  I'm not sure about Enfocus though.  I think they were just a close partner with AWS and they are going along for the ride.  But I'm probably wrong.