It's 2022 what font program are you using on Mac?

Started by Foozball, April 07, 2022, 07:29:28 AM

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40 billion. ;D

Just kidding, but it was not as slow before the BigSur update.


SO... Linotype Font Explorer it is then, that 30day trial is decent bait to lure me in... :)


Suitcase Fusion 22.0.4 here...latest and greatest. ::)
It sounds like Suitcase Fusion for Teams is what you want if you are corporate and people are spread out.
Everyone can share a library once its created.  There are Admin controls for who sees what etc.
Its a bit of overkill for us but it comes in handy for those monthly jobs etc that always use the same fonts.
There are many ways the libraries could be used including just loading your entire company's font library in there.

All that said...we just don't spend nearly the amount time managing fonts as we did 10 - 15 years ago.
PDF workflow has changed all that along with our customers using the package feature out of InDesign.
The Document Fonts folder it creates works great, you just open the InDesign file up and it recognizes that folder and boom you have all your fonts.  Unless of course the designer was not well organized and for some reason all the fonts do not make it in there.  The key to that working is that the Indesign file needs to stay with that folder too.
Adobe's Creative Cloud Fonts has been huge too in dealing with font issues but many times what we need is not avaviable.
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