Old, retired CPUs and Monitors...what you doing to get rid of them?

Started by mwc, September 11, 2007, 11:57:23 AM

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Expanding on the OS9 thread...
What do you do with your OLD Cpus and monitors these days??
We have a few pre-g3 machines that I need to dump, as well as some CRT monitors that are WELL past their useful lives.

Recycle, Donate, or just kick'em to the curb ???


What do you have?

I usually give away for their kids or grand kids or throw away. Few times a year we have recycle days here in NYC but for stupidity I don't understand all electronics are not accepted from businesses only from private users. I wish we recycled like they do in Europe. They have law that stores that sell electronics must accept them back and recycle.

What you can also do is to send back old mac to Apple to recycle if you buy new Apple. They have to take it. I think some others also accept old computers for recycling when you buy a new one.
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2- Umax Mac Clones ( c600 603e/180) - working
1- Powermac 8500/180 - working
3- radius 21" Crt monitors - faded and blurry as hell last time I checked.
1- imac g3/500 (no memory or HD) - bad Analog video board - dead

Oh, and a box of zip/Jazz drives/ SCSI 2x CD burner / and a 230mb MO drive /
I don't think I have any Syquests or Bernoulis though...sorry...

Anyone wants'em...pay for shipping and their YOURS...

BTW - I'm keeping the Lisa for the Apple Store Credit though....  ;D


A few months ago i gave my old T-Book to a Student on long term loan. I don't expect to see either again...
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There are Free Geek recycling/rebuilding centers in the following cities:

    * Free Geek Portland, Oregon
    * Free Geek Arkansas (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
    * Free Geek Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)
    * Free Geek Columbus (Columbus, Ohio)
    * Free Geek Michiana (Michigan/Indiana)
    * Born Again Technologies (Tennessee)
    * Free Geek Vancouver (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

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