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ArtPro + v14.1
Anyone messing around with Artpro+ ?

Looks promising. Another revision or two and it looks like we can finally dump Neo.

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Re: ArtPro + v14.1
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No - still stuck in the dark age with Nexus 10.1.3 here. Have you upgraded to AE12 now? 
imac & Mac Pros on OSX 10.8.5/Adobe CC2014/Nexus Classic & PDF RIP v10.1.3 on 10.5.6 Mac XServe/Oris ColorTuner RIP w Epson 9900/Fuji_Luxel_T9000

Re: ArtPro + v14.1
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We are all waiting for an efficient PDF editor that can manage with packaging specific treatment (trapping, step&repeat, white underprint,...) and ArtPro + could be the solution, but... for now we are far from a production software. :-\

As an ArtPro customer I can test ArtPro+ since the first public release but actually Artpro+ is too limited. :old:

I've heard from an Esko insider that the first "production ready" version will be for the Label market and the release date is third or fourth quarter of 2017. Next , the folding carton version will come one year later...

In the same time, the original ArtPro team from Artworks systems , leave Esko one by one, and integrated the Hybrid Software Packz team.
Packz is a totally new PDF editor, build from zero, with a proprietary PDF library.
I've tested it for few month in an early version and it was very promising. Packs is ready for production and Fuji and Kodak integrate it in their workflows for packaging printers.

In my opinion, the only really good thing in ArtPro+ is the interface. A smart well appear under the pointer of the mouse when you click and you can access to all the settings and informations from the object you've clicked. It's a very good idea.

So if you are thinking about buying an update for your old workflow, look at Hybrid software solutions, you can probably find efficient solutions for your needs.