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Topic: Auto Archive on Restore (Read 510 times) previous topic - next topic

Auto Archive on Restore

Is there a setting I'm missing that allows the Auto Archive boxes to be checked on when restoring a job from Archive? This would be a great help since I can't seem to get a couple of people to do this when bringing jobs back online...Thanks.

Re: Auto Archive on Restore

Reply #1
Not that I'm aware of.

If the job you're restoring was set to archive automatically the restored job should also be set to archive automatically. If it wasn't, you have to manually check those boxes after restoring and then it will be set for the next time.

Re: Auto Archive on Restore

Reply #2
Even if the job was automatically archived/deleted the previous time, when restored it is set to manual. That's the part that is getting me. I was curious if this function worked for others that way. I have to manually check those boxes every time I restore a job regardless of how it was archived previously.

Re: Auto Archive on Restore

Reply #3
That does seem rather odd.

This is the function you're referring to, right? If so there must be something strange going on. These settings always stay intact for me when restoring from archives.

Re: Auto Archive on Restore

Reply #4
Yup. Those boxes go back to unchecked after I restore them. Guess I need to call Fuji and see what's up. Need to bug them about a fix on the version I have anyways to be honest.

Re: Auto Archive on Restore

Reply #5
I didn't know you were an XMF user Nate! good to know!