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Topic: Complex RBAs Crash When Trying to Add E-mails (Read 519 times) previous topic - next topic

Complex RBAs Crash When Trying to Add E-mails

I work at a major book printer in the prepress area. We use Prinegy to assign, process, and output jobs. Some of our Prinergy RBAs are pretty complex because we need them to do multiple tasks with several possible outcomes. If, for example, a job does not successfully export to the printer server, an e-mail is sent out. If it succeeds, a different e-mail is sent out.

Because we deal with all sort of print plants, we have to create tables for our e-mail lists. The trouble we have is when we need to go back to the RBA and change an e-mail address, it either crashes (the usual outcome), or it's so slow you'll be there an hour to change one e-mail address. You can modify a complex RBA in other ways without issues (with some exceptions), but usually e-mail is the culprit, probably because of the tables. We have pretty fast computers running 16 GB of RAM. Has anyone run into this problem and, if so, what was your solution?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Complex RBAs Crash When Trying to Add E-mails

Reply #1
By tables do you mean a table of values in RBA? Or are you having it read something like an external .csv or something similar? Also are you trying to edit this RBA on a client workstation like a Mac or PC or on the Prinergy server? If you are using a client Mac/pc try editing them on the Prinergy server and see if that helps or not.
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Re: Complex RBAs Crash When Trying to Add E-mails

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Wow, that was a quick reply. And very good advice.

To answer your questions:

The RBA is using a table of values for the e-mail.

We usually modify the RBAs on a client (our own person) computers. I tried your suggestion and went directly to the server to modify the RBA, but, alas, it crashed.

One idea I have is for it to create an XML file containing the user's e-mail, customer name, and the other stuff the system needs to decide where to send an e-mail, then I'll send it off to activate a remote trigger in a separate RBA that does nothing but send the RBAs.

Again, thanks for the help.

Re: Complex RBAs Crash When Trying to Add E-mails

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Would it be possible to export the RBA rule as an xml file, open it in Textedit and make the change the the email address then import back to RBA and create a new rule. Should only take a few minutes to do it this way.
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Re: Complex RBAs Crash When Trying to Add E-mails

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This can be done, but it makes us (myself and others who work on RBAs) a bit nervous because we're worried we might accidentally change something critical by mistake while we're poking about in the XML. Though that does give me an idea. Is there a way to isolate the part of the XML you want and just import that portion back into the RBA?

Re: Complex RBAs Crash When Trying to Add E-mails

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Just make backups of your files and work from a copy and you should be able to revert back in case something goes bad.
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