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Two separate 8 page impo

I need to have two separate 8 page fold patterns in preps. I have an english book and a japanese that need to run on same press sheet. When I try in preps 7.5 to create two 8 page fold patterns it renumbers the fold patterns where it winds up as a 16. Can't assign pages in prinergy that way . It would put half of english with half japanese. Is the only way to make this work by building it in preps as flat work?

Re: Two separate 8 page impo

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Like I was telling you over at the GUA forum..it may not be possible with folding patterns. Attached is a template that does not use folding patterns and it does as you want it. Also attached is a screenshot of the VPS I made from the attached preps template.

[attachimg=1 width=400]

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