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Topic: Check Pad Printing with nyloprint® DLE-S plates (Read 124 times) previous topic - next topic

Check Pad Printing with nyloprint® DLE-S plates


Does anyone have any experience using nyloprint® DLE-S plates with a Kodak Trendsetter 800 Q? Looking for a replacement to our current process of outputting film negs on an Epson, then burning the film to plates and scrubbing, then baking plates on very old equipment that will breakdown soon.

Re: Check Pad Printing with nyloprint® DLE-S plates

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You're still burning film? Damn. I thought our equipment was old.

In my experience an aluminum plate is the way to go. We've had nothing but problems with other poly plates and the like.
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Re: Check Pad Printing with nyloprint® DLE-S plates

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Yes, for this small aspect of our workflow we are, but I am hopeful that these plates will work out. Anyone have any experience with them?