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Quote from: Luis_TorresMx on April 18, 2023, 05:02:33 PMI Have it if you need it!
Hi Luis,

in the meantime an Irish technician colleague helped me.

General Prepress / Re: Founder Elecroc System
April 16, 2023, 02:21:10 PM
Hello Rodi,
I can understand your frustration with Elecroc.  I've been trying to find customers for the workflow myself for a few years in Benelux.  After the European General Data Protection Regulation came into force in 2018, Elecroc was finally over, because this Chinese software is open like a barn door.  In order to run the Elecroc Server, the Windows Firewall must be completely down.  The European laws forbid this condition and so Elecroc was done for me.
I didn't shed a tear after the whole thing.

Best regards
Your old Ink Volume Setter Windows XP/Server no longer works properly or the system becomes a network security risk?
Simply generate the required Ryobi Demia data (.DEM) for your PCS-G/PCS-H system on a current Windows 10/11 PC system. StudioRIP XF 4.2 SE+ with the Ink Duct Control Plugin is the solution for modern, safe and stable ink zone presetting.
Contact me for more information.
Mission accomplished.
A colleague from Ireland helped.
Hi polyester printers,

for a customer with an older Mitsubishi SDP-Eco 1630 polyester platesetter I need the SDP-RIP v6 (branded Harlequin RIP) installation files (copy of the SDP-RIP v6 CD-ROM).
Check it out, maybe it's still lying around somewhere.

Thanks in advance !
Bad news from Dynagram !

The sale of DynaStrip & InpO2 will stop on 30 June 2022.

Dynagram website 
Ryobi Ink Volume Setter (IVS) used to come boxed with the software CD-ROM and a number of printed instruction books (on right side of attached photo). Some of these books were also in PDF format on the CD-ROM, unfortunately not the Network Setup GUIDE. It describes the network installation of the PCS-H console PC. Does anyone have the installation manual as a PDF to download? One of my customers and I would be very happy.
StudioRIP SRL from Romania reports good news for the numerous owners of with older Ryobi offset presses. Since the recently released software build 240 of their StudioRIP XF 4.1, the Ink Duct Control StudioRIP option also generates the proprietary Ryobi DEMIA file format (* .DEM) for presetting ink zones to the older Ryobi offset press series 3/5/6/7/9 and 10. It is an alternative solution to Ryobi´s Ink Volume Setter software.
Xitron will discontinue support for Navigator version 10 effective June 30, 2021, except for select OEMs and existing service contracts.

Navigator versions 13, 12, and 11 will continue to be supported.

We strongly encourage you to contact any customers running Navigator software v10 (or older) and explore upgrade opportunities with them. For the latest information on compatible operating systems and platforms. European customers call or send me a note. I´ll be glad to help.