Looking for pressman in Mississauga Canada

Started by pspdfppdfxhd, October 05, 2021, 09:41:33 AM

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yeah get a small tinny Joe!!

I dunno. I may need a large heated tinny. Gonna be cold out on the ice in January.

Yeah, not a lot of ice or waves around my parts. If the lake gets choppy above a 9" swell we go home :lmao:

And January for us is 40ºC plus, that's 104º Fahrenheit for you guys.

Water temp around that time of year is 20ºC (68ºF), we spend a fair bit of time both in and out of the boat while sitting in the middle of the lake
In summer here, we average between 20 and 30 days 104o +
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We found a part timer guy... seems to be working ok so far.

Saw a prepress job being advertised. (company had advertised for the job about a month ago but seem to be looking again).

Pay: $15 to $33 dollars an hour.... what are they trying to say? Typo? I might think about applying but they specifically want "Heidelberg Prinect software" experience.

Is "Heidelberg Prinect software" not just a workflow like Apogee or Navigator? Or is it something very complicated that would require years of experience?
Prinect is just their version of workflow software. Way back in the mists of time it was a partner with Prinergy.