After more than a quarter of a century, Dynagram is withdrawing ....

Started by Martin Mueller, June 22, 2022, 05:30:29 AM

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Martin Mueller

Bad news from Dynagram !

The sale of DynaStrip & InpO2 will stop on 30 June 2022.

Dynagram website 
"Prepress Consultancy from Germany"
Martin Müller
Prepress-Service & Technical Support, Essen GERMANY


Sadface ... thanks to DynaStrip for it's loyal service during my first US prepress job.

Quote from 2007: "All out computers are 5+ years old, our server runs Windows 2000 and here's our box of pre-folded impositions so you could check your work out of Dyna-Strip... in-case WE make a mistake!"
I came from a tabloid newspaper, and we knew our pagination sequences for 72 through to 128 page publications, along with flow for 4C to k color setups ... I learned a LOT in that job, and DynaStrip scared the crap outta people, while it helped me through a lot of quick setups. Good times!