Fuji PTE-4300 Platesetter With XMF Workflow

Started by impodave, January 14, 2023, 08:48:48 AM

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This was taken out of service from a working environment due to quitting business. Complete with all documentation. Includes a Windows 2012 Server station running Fuji XMF Workflow and one Windows station running XMF Client for the Dart. Located in Rolla, Missouri. I will include the G&J processor - functional but needs repairs.  Local pickup only. $7000.00

<<<<<< Here's my Grandkids once again -- they're growing up way too fast !!    Fuji XMF V6.8.2 Complete, Mac OS, Adobe Creative Suite, Epson 7900/EFI XF V4.0, Fuji Dart 4300E, Komori L528 5 color, Komori L429P 4 color,  Heidelberg PM46 2 color, Ricoh, Kyocera, Xante Impressia and a shop full of finishing stuff ...


I have a question on this, does it come with the factory equipped small plate option? If so there may be interest.
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that looks very much like our Agfa Accento II (which is a rebadged Dia Nippon)
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Damn, that's a deal. We had one almost just like that with a different workflow. The whole thing cost about ten times that. At least that's what my boss said.
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Screen makes excellent equipment. I used a great black and white camera (20 x 24) with Pulse Xeon lights, nice to flash customers when they got out of hand :)

Have always loved their stuff. Have a 1030ai drum scanner for retirement project.
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