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XMF Plate Question

Started by AaronH, January 19, 2023, 02:04:23 PM

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Hey guys, we were watching a demo today on XMF Pressready and our demo gal was also answering some questions on XMF when I noticed regardless of what press she was setting up for, her plate icon didn't change but her plate info did.

Right now, we have separate plate icons for the different presses as well as matching press icons. The plate icon if we have to change presses for whatever reason, paper or scheduling, we have to reimpose or save as template. This seems cumbersome. I tried toying around with it after the demo but changing the press, doesn't change the plate media on the plate icon. Is there a way to get that to change along with the press?

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Not sure if there is a way around it as the template is connected to the plate.