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Started by Tracy, May 12, 2023, 09:41:53 AM

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I am going to attempt writing a script, I have edited a script before but never created one
I have the code, from Indesign secrets, "Set Character Style to the Default none", I have a BC that always
defaults on the character style when I open the document and paste the text I'm going to modify.
Not a deal breaker but I'm slow today and this just popped up in the email.
thought I would give it a try. I think my first question would be Text Editor, It seems I need a text editor
and you have to save it as below, so do I have a text editor that will save like this?
UXP Scripts should be written in JavaScript, and the file should be saved like this
<filename>.idjs. Saving the script as .idjs enables the UXP engine in InDesign and executes the script as UXP script.( .jsx will execute as normal ExtendScript)


I don't think you need a particular text editor - just make sure your file has the right extension.

I'm not a scripter but I manipulate a lot of data and absolutely love BBEdit. I use the free version - the pay version has more features for coders but I don't need that. Even the free version is freakin powerful.
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I have used BBEdit a long time ago thanks D
I will try it, just got busy so I will try it Monday
wanting to leave early too, were slow, all my coworkers left already  :(


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