Preps 6 vs Metrix

Started by EmptyWords, February 10, 2010, 05:47:23 PM

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Well crap, the answer turns out to be a heartbreak.
It is not a glitch, you cannot open work from Metrix with Preps.
In other words, Metrix is a "replacement" for Preps.
I don't get it, an ancient product like UpFront plays nice... Metrix is all about JDF and what not... why on Earth would there need to be LESS ability with this newer software.
Bloody typical anymore, everything is a downgrade.

So to give planning a wonderful tool that they have enjoyed for a decade, we either need to dump all of our marks, creep, etc... etc... on them so they can do all our work for us
We need to buy a fistful of seats and retrain the whole shop of expert Preps users on Metrix instead.

My vote is keep an old PC or two running UpFront just long enough until we retire and forget Metrix.
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Quote from: born2print on March 07, 2023, 09:58:15 AMMy vote is keep an old PC or two running UpFront just long enough until we retire and forget Metrix.
If I had a vote that would be my vote too. ;D
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I used to keep an old XP machine running on the side for sending to Solaris on SmartBoard. No other version of Windows could run it; it was an imposition software that allowed for programming to send to Solaris (tabs, colored sheets, etc.) similar to Fiery Command Work Station, but not as intelligent, despite the name.
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