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I have an issue at home on one of my Windows 10 machines. This one happens to be an AMD Phenom 8450 Triple-Core 2.10Ghz with 8gb RAM 64-bit. It appears, so far, that it ONLY hangs on internet and NOT on games or other apps. I have Google Chrome AND MS Edge, and it appears to hang more on Chrome and less on Edge, but does hang on both. By *hang,* I mean it just totally locks up and stops functioning for several minutes, usually resulting in a 2nd window stating, "Page Unresponsive." I've pretty much attempted every internet fix short of doing a Win10 reset. It happened just now typing this message for 3-4 minutes

During the *hang,* for lack of a better term, I can still access other Windows 10 functions... if Chrome hangs, I can still browse on Edge, and vice-versa. I can still play music, or games, or access features like the calculator, etc. It's super annoying, and I'd like to fix it without resorting to the reset. I've run Malwarebyters, Windows Defender, Stinger, etc. and come up blank. I did do an Event Viewer and found a recurring problematic event, schannel error 36871, but it also does hang in the Event Viewer. I have taken every step imaginable to eliminate this issue, including Registry level adjustments, and for 48 hours there have been no schannel errors, but it still hangs.

It *may* be an MS Windows security 5379 error, but event viewer doesn't show this as a catastrophic error. Any ideas?

Try quitting Chrome and renaming your "Default" Chrome profile to "Default_OLD". Restart Chrome and it will create a new profile and see if that helps. If it still tries to use the "Default_OLD" you may need to move it out of that location to your desktop maybe and then try it again. You will lose any customizations and extensions this way but it should give you a clean fresh install of Chrome. It is located at "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default".

I actually did that previously (before my post) and it resolved the issue for about 30 minutes). Luckily, with Chrome sync'd once you log back in, it repopulates all your extensions and favorites and whatnot.

What I did not try was unsync'ing it and seeing if it runs better that way. But since it affects Edge and some other MS system tools, probably not. I also did do a clean removal of Chrome, complete shutdown and reinstallation from scratch on Chrome with no luck. I believe it to be a Windows 10 issue with my particular processor because I don't have issues on my other Windows 10 boxes/laptops.

I did read a thing that said TLS 1.0 was to blame, so I turned off TLS 1.0, 1.1 and SSL but still no resolve.

Chrome has had a rough couple of weeks concerning security issues. One of which is syncing.

Chrome users have faced 3 security concerns over the past 24 hours

Microsoft Edge is built from Chrome now but not sure if that is related.

One of the Windows reset options is to re-install and keep your files and applications. That could possibly bring the issue back with it though. The next option for me would be a reset of Win 10 and start over.

Your CPU is over 12 years old though so that could be part of the issue as well.

I knew about the reset... I just didn't want to do it. I have a lot of games to reinstall to do it the right way. I mean a lot... hundreds if not a thousand or more. I do have it all backed up in multiple locations. And then there's the whole reconfiguration of Maximus Arcade and Daphne and all my emulator software, which is just time consuming, even if I backup the config files for all the customizations I've added.


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