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XMPie Activation Fail


We had to "reinstate" our single XMPie license Friday as it had apparently lapsed but somehow has kept working all year. It was installed under inDesign CC2018 so I downloaded the new installer to run under CC2020 as I was told by a Xerox Sales Tool that it would activate fine. It doesn't.

When I fire up CC2020 the XMPie panel is there, but when I try to Activate, it gives me the attached nonsense. I can't even get a support ticket going with Xerox I can't get an email verification either. I'm about ready to call the regional sales fool who told me this was "easy" after we coughed up the $2600 to get running again.

Finally got Xerox Support to do - something - and now it works in CC2020. Yay.

But, once it's done exporting a merged PDF, it hangs indefinitely too. Time for a Support Ticket using my new Account!  :banana:


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