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My 2007 imac has finally given up the ghost and I'm looking to replace it. Should I go another imac or possibly a mini and where would you buy?


I bought this in the fall and love it. I don't have experience with the minis.

I have one exactly like it at work except it has a 1TB Fusion Drive. I don't notice a difference between them

I have a Best Buy credit card and they offer 18 months and sometimes 24 months 0% financing which is better than Apple's 12 months. Plus I get rewards. I even bought my kitchen appliances from there. They price match as well, not that you need it with an Apple product.


Finally debt free, my wife would shit a brick.

If you want one with the new M1 chip you are limited right now to a Mac Mini or a laptop.

Check carefully whatever you buy because some newer Macs either can't have ram upgraded or you have to disassemble the whole thing to get to it. Same for  hard drives. If you don't want to disassemble to upgrade or can't upgrade a particular model be sure to buy it with enough ram and enough hard drive capacity and the right kind of hard drive to future proof it.

Mac minis cannot have ram or hard drive upgraded is one example. You need to buy it with the most you think you will ever need of both RAM and hard drive.

If you want an iMac wit the Intel chip Skryber's posted specs would be good other than 8 GB of RAM is a little light but the model of 27" iMac she posted is still a simple procedure to add RAM. None of the iMacs are a simple procedure to change the hard drive.

As for where I'm a big fan of the Apple refurbished site:

Buying refurbished from Apple still gives you the full one year warranty and Apple Care can be bought as well.

I just built myself a PC Hackintosh that will run both Mac OS Big Sur and Windows 10. Creating a Hackintosh is a nightmare but once it is done you are set. But it is also a deadend since you can't create a Hackintosh to run the Mac OS for the M1 chip.


--- Quote from: G_Town on March 17, 2021, 03:41:32 PM ---Yikes!

Finally debt free, my wife would shit a brick.

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That is actually a pretty good deal for the latest new model of the 27" iMac.


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