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I've got a new client that has the need for a Code39 Barcode included in data. I've got a Code39 font, XMPie generate it correctly using their supplied data, but they're requesting that it have the longer end barcodes like the attached "Sample" image. (I don't those ends have to be longer, but they need to be printed for the reader to recognize it.)

When I add the asterisk character directly in the text box, of course it shows the asterisks but I don't want that to be visible. (Image "Manual character added")

Is there another version of the Code39 that would generate those end codes correctly, or...?

I know XMPie does barcodes natively via QLingo but I just don't have the time (or patience) to learn that today.

MBC4 has around 33 types of Code39, not sure if it is free software...


--- Quote from: born2print on April 27, 2021, 11:32:59 AM ---MBC4 has around 33 types of Code39, not sure if it is free software...

--- End quote ---

What's MBC4?

It's a pretty good barcode software we've had so long that I don't remember the origin...
and it just loads and works without any license key or whatever as far as I can tell, I've upgraded the Mac then just dropped it on the drive and go with it.

We also use BC Studio, but it is the opposite - need new license key every time, etc...


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