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Workflow Labels/Descriptions not updating in GUI (XMF)

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As you can see in the attached screencap, when i try to organize my Workflows by renaming them, my input Text does not show up in the GUI. Am I missing something? What's the use of Workflow descriptions if not this?


Beschreibung = Description
Workflow Beschreibung ändern = change Worflow description

Is it possible you have to restart the software to see the changes?

Just tried restarting my client, to no avail.

However, we have an instance of XMF constantly running on a separate PC in the Plate Room. I do not want to restart that, since I am alone right now and don't want to anger the IT gods.

Will report back tomorrow if it worked after restarting all active clients.

OKay so, i got around to it and i do now realize what changing the Workflow description does for me.

It changes a tiny label inside the Node space. I do want to change the Workflow Label (Like on the "Tab" where it still says "Workflow 3".
Why can i change Everything's Names but not the one i need to change the most? :gom:


Because software developers think they know what you want more than you do? :rotf:


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