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Many thanks to Frailer for this link Explorer tutorial

quote: "I am not saying that FEX is better than Suitcase Fusion or Font Agent but I have used it with 20 other designers for many months and it is save to say that FEX is a very good tool."

Are y'all using this? We're still using Suitcase Fusion and it's "ok"...

I'm no font expert, [believe me], just an enthusiastic newbie. Mainly because I "struggled" on my Mac in the early days, with fonts. I "sleep around", when it comes to font managers. Had a quirky font in a Quark job about 6 months ago. Was using Fusion because it's s'posed to be kinder with Fusion than FEX. However, Fusion would NOT Import/Add Temporarily this font. tried FEX...sweet as!
My point is, have FEX there and on hand, or use it as your main manager. Doesn't matter. Just don't have 'em both open at once. Ignore them pointing the finger at each other when you fire up Quack or Indy. Just say "No, I don't want to flick the other one".
FEX has a toolbox full of font maintenance utilities. They have pretty good tech support. Also a users' forum. I'll post the link here if you want.
...Oh, and it's free... :D

Damn, forgot to add. Saw a post elsewhere where a guy was claiming that Adobe engineers have recently named FEX as preferred font manager. May only be forum scuttlebutt, but could be verified, I guess. This guy is pretty cluey, as beer will testify... ;D

man, I tell you,

I've been a loyal Suitcase user for years now, but, just recently, say like in the last month, I've been having soooo much trouble with Suitcase that I'm actually looking for alternative now.

Sometimes fonts will load on one Mac but not another, sometimes they're corrupted, sometimes not.
Doesn't matter what version of Suitcase, or what Mac. I've un-installed and re-installed, updated and un-updated, don't matter.

pisses me off.

I guess it keeps me busy, like I need more to do...



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