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I need to ask everyone NOT to create posts asking if others have a certain font or even asking in existing threads. While I know it can be very convenient it is also illegal and I don't need the font police showing up at the B4Print doorstep.

Oooooh, Some people are in trouble.
Is it some kind of fine or a brief stint in the House of Many Doors?
Has anyone ever really gotten in trouble for this type of of thing?   Just wondering.

Well, not much wondering to do.   b4p is a public forum.   Given a stationary target, I'm sure there are a few of the bigger foundries with the motivation to pursue it if they saw the right opportunity.
Fill in the missing episodes, with ad breaks, yourself.

Seriously though, is their a fine if a person gets busted.
I don't know anyone who has ever been busted for this kind of thing or pirated apps.

yep, they were in Dallas a few years back and busted a few printers for illegal fonts and software.
I personally was stunned, believing it (the font police) to be an urban legend.


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