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What font is this?

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Can anyone identify this font, or something similar? I uploaded it to WhatTheFont and it couldn't come up with anything close.

It's only for a barcode, but the one I scanned this from is really old and I need to redo it. It's a job for the government so I need to match as close as humanly possible.

Looked on and came up with these:

Mono Neox
PF DIN Mono Medium
Albedo BV
CA Monodon Bold
Some Assembly

None of these fonts is bang on but one or two are pretty close.


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Hahahahahaha HA!


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Looked on and came up with these:

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How did you come up with those? I submitted my scan and it gave me nothing that looked close.

I need help with this font. The way the numbers are baseline shifted is throwing me off.
Thanks in advance.


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