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Nexus to Automation Engine?

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Has anyone moved from Nexus Rip 9.5.8 to Automation Engine and how is it working out?
Will Nexus continue to be supported and upgraded by Esko and for how long?


Ahhh ..mistake there we are using Nexus 10.1!

I'm curious as well. We're on Nexus 9.5 and Esko is pitching us on AE.

We looked at it a couple of years ago when Esko was pitching it on a road tour. I think it takes all of the latest & greatest elements of Nexus/Artpro and rolls them up in an all-encompassing Job Management/Workflow tool. Our thoughts at the time were that although it would be great for a company with a large prepress department, it was more than what we needed for our relatively small (4 techs) prepress department. As far as Nexus goes, I was told that as long as we continued with our service contract, we would receive support. What I don't know is how long they will keep providing updates for "classic" Nexus. 

We use it, I work for a large packaging company with many locations. Most of our facilities were on Nexus. The transition was a little bumpy as far as the learning curve. But since then it has really paid for itself. We brought MIS into all of our facilities last year. Tying that together with the job management in Automation Engine has allowed us to automate a ton of stuff from simple to complex.

I guess the only thing I do miss about nexus is the simplicity of it. With all the bells and whistles I am expected to deliver a lot more in terms of automation.


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