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Got an email today with regard to a new software - Packz - that has been developed by a bunch of ex-Artworks Systems alumni. Looks interesting enough for us to check out. Mostly applies to packaging/labeling but may have other applications. Is a standalone editing/trapping app for pdfs. Supposed to be very quick with no proprietary strings as files stay live in pdf format. Additonally you can choose an Illy-type or ArtPro-type GUI so the interface is more familiar to techs that use one or both of those apps.

"PACKZ contains a complete set of prepress-, editing- and quality assurance-functions, such as trapping, separation handling, barcode creation and recognition, dynamic creation of info panels, object based screening and many more. With its modern 64-bit architecture, running under OS-X and Windows, the native PDF-Editor ensures maximum performance and usability."

Looks interesting.

There was a discussion recently in another thread that involved Abode's Creative Cloud and a standalone solution that would bypass all of Abode's software. Although I haven't seen a demo, this could possibly be that solution. Whereas Pitstop is a plug-in for Abode Acro, this is a standalone software package...

Rumours are it's about 7,000-10,000 euros  :-)

I hear you abc - it's just that some of the discussion in the other thread involved stand-alone software that would allow a complete cut from Abode's "cloud". I guess it's a matter of weighing the one-time cost of splitting entirely from Abode or maintaining a longterm software subscription (rental) by the seat for Abode. There will be people on both sides of that fence.


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