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$13,500 x 14 users = $189,000. :faint:

You can get a lot of Adobe CC for $189,000!

We are demo'ing this product right now. Its lightning fast (64 bit mac and pc). Its like a newer Artpro built around native PDF.

we are forced to use the software desighners use - we dont accept pdfs as artwork so its all illy/cc based across the company (and its a very big company)

but being a bit nuts about this kinda stuff i'd like to see it

According to the Fuji guy I talked to late last week, they are going to be using Packz as a module for XMF to create a packaging-specific workflow!

interesting. thing is i think esko have a majority of this market sown up - but i'm all for competition, especially against the adobes


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