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Are there still viable copies of Quark Xpress 6 out there??

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Hey everyone,

Bit of a long-shot here, but I figured if anyone would know, they'd be on here...

I'm looking for a viable copy of Quark Xpress 6 for the Macintosh for a friend of mine.  Her copy recently bought the farm and she's not crazy about spending the $$$ to upgrade to Quark 10, especially since she's leery of having to learn a bunch of new commands, etc.  (I know...)

Anybody have good leads for this?  Or do I just go looking on eBay, Amazon, craigslist, etc.?  And what would be considered a fair price these days?

Cheers, John the Fontaholic :drunk3:

Amazon has it starting at $184.00. Not sure I would trust it can be activated though.

Personally I would need at least $200 to take it.

I have to ask though how her copy "recently bought the farm" and it can't just be re-installed? Plus if I remember correctly I couldn't get Quark 6 to run on OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, or 10.10 so be leery of that.

I have never had software just die on me where reinstallation doesn't fix it.

I installed Age of Mythology 2 days ago because I was bored and to worked just fine.

I think you can still download it, you just need your license?


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