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Prinergy Evo v5.3 DONGLE for sale


Prinergy Evo v5.3 workflow **license dongle only** FOR SALE

Licenses include:

1 x Prinergy Evo - Workstation
1 x Prinergy Option - Low Resolution Output for 4up - 1 Additional Engine
2 x Prinergy Option - Client
1 x Prinergy Option - Advanced Preflighting
1 x Prinergy Option - PDF Compare
1 x Prinergy Option - PDF Merge

License dongle ONLY.

Just to shoot the hostage this WOULDN'T be an upgrade for my system. It would be a totally parallel move.

Finding the hardware to run it would be a bit of an issue (besides for me who has it right next to me running on hope and wishes) as the Preps part only runs on rosettea so you're limited to Snow Leopard. I'm sure there are a few shops where this would be an upgrade but if you work there, keep your resume updated. I don't think I've ever used the PDF merge but the PDF compare can be handy for when customers refuse to tell you the changes.


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