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Kodak MatchPrint Inkjet v5.2 DONGLE for sale

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License dongle for Kodak MatchPrint Inkjet (KPS MPI) v5.2 FOR SALE

I can see its been awhile since this was posted, but do you still have the dongle?

Just to be sure that all 3 are on offer:

* Dongle

* Valid License Key XML File

* Kodak’s blessing on the transfer of license

Caveat emptor!

I'm willing to bet #3 is all but impossible.

Thanks, swampymarsh, for your vote of confidence.

To anyone interested: no, #3 is not possible. Despite every other major software player (Adobe, Microsoft, etc.) having been challenged and defeated on the point of legal license transfer (i.e. the allowing of second-hand sales, a point which goes back as far as the legality of sales of used *books*!), Kodak have not yet been moved on this matter.

So, no, the dongle would not come with Kodak's blessing. It would, however, come with a fully operational License Key XML file, and be able to do without limitation what it did when originally installed.


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