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Setting up Hot Folders in an Old vesion of Nexus


Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anybody could point us in the right direction. There's an old version of Nexus here, 8.63. We're trying to set up Hot Folders so we can update our Macs. -Latest OS isn't apple talk compatible. If there is an instruction sheet or data out there that anyone could share, It'd be greatly appreciated.

I don't know Nexus but I do know if you are on a Mac, talking to a PC, using Samba is a good start. PCs have never liked afp:


Oh man we were using version 8.something when we switched to Prinergy (2009). I remember it was  a PITA when Apple killed off Appletalk. No idea on the hotfolder question though. Sorry. There are some Nexus people around here though. Maybe someone else knows.

Wow, it's been a long time since we used v8. We are on v10.1.3 now and it's been considered obsolete since 2014. I am assuming that you are using a Windows-based server for Nexus? We switched over from Windows to a Mac XServe with the advent of v9. When you fire up Nexus Manager, there should be a log-in window that will ask for an IP address for your Nexus server. Once entered it should be able to find the server on your network. Nexus v10 can only handle a Mac client running up to OS X 10.9 max (Maverick) so I'm not sure what v8 client OS requirements are. We are still running 10.8.5 ML as it networks in a friendlier fashion IMO and we can still use the labelling feature to colour code hot folders. I will talk to one of my co-workers about setting up hot folders when he gets in today. If I recall correctly it's pretty easy. I believe it's done in Nexus Manager (Nexus Manager>File>New Hotfolder?) but let me check with him.

Neither of us can remember how to set up the Mac accessible share for the Windows-based Nexus server - it's just been too long since we switched to the X-serve back in '08. To create the hot folders though, you do it thru Nexus Manager (on your Mac client)>View>Monitors. The Monitor will show all of the available workflows. Choose the workflow and click New Hotfolder. Then create the name & path in the window that comes up, leaving the HF tag at the end.


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